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1. Hello, Yuri and Anastasia. I have already written you about my interest to your project. The career covering 15 years of creativity, filled with the shocking image and exciting sound, which is difficult to be compared with any other project playing in common style. Not without reason the European colleagues have devoted you remixes and the cover-album. Necro Stellar has the background of more than 1500 live shows. Nevertheless Israeli fans know not much about you. Could you please light up your project activity of nowadays?

(Yuri Zvezdniy) - Hello, Eric. Thanks much for the attention to our project.
If to speak about the latest news, so they are: not long ago we have finished recording our new album “Red Beast”. This material can be considered as a club dance album.
The album consists of either the band’s material or bonus section with 2 remixes, one of which I have made for the anniversary album of ATTRITION band and the second for the Australian band ANGEL THEORY. Besides these two, the album includes remixes of NECRO STELLAR by HUMAN DECAY (Ger), MIND:STATE (Sw), FLEISCHWALD (Ger), THE SECT (USA). We plan to release this album in Russia on Shadowlay records and holding talks with other countries. We were also offered to release a maxi-single of 3 tracks with remixes and cover versions by different interesting us bands and a 30-40 minute movie about the band’s history. The maxi-single will precede the next album release we are working at now. The album is called «The Extending universe». Next month will be presented the double disk re-release of «Saturating Cemetery» album. The second disk is the tribute to NECRO STELLAR which consists of remixes and remakes by different bands from all over the world. Those remakes and remixes which didn’t take part in the tribute, will be definitely used later.
Then, the re-release of our second “Pulsing Zero” album is scheduled on the late spring. It will include remixes by different Japanese bands. Besides, soon we are going to take part in 3 compilations in Russia, Germany and France.

2. Returning to the aforesaid, I would like to pay special attention to the album “Saturating Cemetery” 2005, which is some kind of a rare experimental work, saturated with a wide range of instruments: from analog synths to the human bones. The album has struck the audience as if it was a sniper’s bullet, has attracted attention of many popular European editions (as ZILLO, ORKUS, GOTHIC BEAUTY, ELEGYIBERICA, FEINDESLAND, DARKLIFE MAGAZINE, GOTHICPARADISE and others). The Interview taken be Orkus magazine made you really popular in Russian dark scene areas. I always wonder what was it that influenced you to record such unordinary material?! Let me give the quote taken from”The work is able to rise interest of all those who is fond of darkwave, synth-goth, dark electro and EBM”

(Yuri Zvezdniy) - Thanks much for the compliment. It is difficult to say what exactly has evoked it over. Recording the album, I wanted to illustrate separate aspects of the reflected world and the world of surrounding us shadows. Simultaneously, I set as the purpose to estimate a posthumous condition, and to join 2 forms of mutually incompatible things.
On one hand the perception of alive by the dead form and on other hand of dead by the live form. In this sense the album is close to those kinds of elements are of not shown character. It is naturally enough, that not shown phenomena to which, for example, the reflected world belongs, are shown through the multivariate phenomena which can be considered from the different points of view.
Particularly the elements of water which are widely submitted in the album as sounds and even "instruments" naturally carring out an input point in structures of the reflected world. In this sense water is represented as a "jewelry" which is seen by Davs, but, alas, not seen by Sansara captives.
As to darkwave, synth-goth, dark electro and EBM so I can express only indifference to these styles. In my opinion, all above-stated music as style has degenerated in 95 year. Since then I do not listen it any more and keep an eye on changes in aspects of the further degeneration of the given styles. I use set of styles besides above-stated: march, twist, jazz, ballade lyrics, criminal chanson, punk, kraut-rock, ambient, noise, etc. Using styles is some kind of game, manipulation. On other hand I try to expand conditional frameworks of the creativity, watching solvency of this or that special purpose audience. Now I come to a conclusion, that an ordinary not so experienced listener who is far from the word dark is much more interesting and solvent in its quantity than a teenager with a complex of unfortunate destiny and detestation to the world.

3. I guess the third question is the main theme of the interview, as we will talk about "Pulsing Zero" album. The concept is absolute, as it involves all and nothing. From one hand it is possible to determine here the theory “Ecs nihilo nolil fot” (“nothing comes out of nothing” (Latin)), influence of the moon way with Hekate and the card of the fool (with zero number), taken from Tarro pack. The album is saturated of etudes about the red beast and many other what is difficult to be described shortly. Mr. Yuri Zvezdniy, this question is addressed to you as to the head master of the School of Magic and Necromancy “SPIRALNIX”. The subject of a dark esotery is able to make many of people shivering, at least casting memoirs of the first film about the Demon "Hellboy" and his struggle with Rasputin and magicians "SS". Please, tell how you created this album.

(Yuri Zvezdniy) - Thanks for the interesting question. The material for this album was written mostly in 1995-1997. The heading “Pulsing Zero” song was written in 1993. So, “Pulsing Zero” is little bit unduly romantic and characterizes the band at the moment of its existence in the mid 90th.
It was intended to reflecting structures of time, both personal and universal.
Management of personal time represents full vision of destiny and own spiritual movement. Undoubtedly it is the major ability which is received by spiritually awoken person within the framework of his life on Earth. The time for the majority of people is: public time, collective, economic - is only an illusion, ephemeral similarity of existence serving as means for starting a wheel of sansara of not awoken souls.
The public time in this sense, the time of surrounding us society – already belongs to death and disintegration. That’s why so-called lie of human logico-brutal world, serves as a natural input in the subsequent post life’s illusion inferno as total area of decomposition. The dead time is already decaying and the first song in this album «Lucifer suddenly rising» lets the listener to know the concept "Time" as already gone off cycle which hasn’t ever been. Simultaneously the paramita of awoken spirit of truly alive essence is in harmony and balance with vanity of carnal people. It is expressed in a celebration of a circle of total zero shining on border of time and in the end of a day.

4) In the brief announcement of the interview, I have written some kind of the introduction about the history of The SWW. This theme dominates over your Album "White Tranquility". I think, all of us have a particle of this enormous tragedy of XX century. For us, Israelis, namely Jews, natives of the former USSR, this theme is especially acute. Our ancestors were those to go through the tragedy of the left millennium.
Nevertheless, the basic part of our public well remembers "the Historical native land " that does not prevent htem to be fond of all "German"! Please, tell us how “the steel” of "Stalingrad" was “tempered” (this city plays the big role in subjects of an album)? Whether it was a forge of events for you? As far as I remember, the Album has been highly appreciated, having rather struck the general editor of "Dark City" magazine by the original sounding.

(Yuri Zvezdniy) - I can say, that «Rassozdanie. Part - 1. Stalingrad» from my author's point of view is not a central image. The central song of this album might be "Voznesenie". Now I shall explain it. In spite of the fact that press release represents this record as the devoted to memory of victims of the Second World war, my author’s sacral position is, that in effect I have devoted the album to myself, to experiences and sensations which I could have before had been killed in the last embodiment on fields of the Second World war.

5. For the request of Mick Mercer the band has given the questionnaire for the Gothic Bible – the biggest word wide edition devoted to the Schwarz culture. The given book narrates about the most interesting goth/industrial bands of the world. The band have received the warm retort on the part of this interesting person. What was it to you, to become a part of the "Schwarz" culture of a planet?!

(Yuri Zvezdniy) - I really don’t pay any attention to Schwarz culture of the world. On one hand I’m over the age when I could belong to any social movements, on the other hand usage of belonging can be only commercially justified. I still have no idea what purpose will I get from Schwarz culture if I take it into my head to join this culture. As I have already mentioned, its value stopped to exist for me in 1995, when progressing and developing styles which you have mentioned in the second question, stopped developing and became music of a cliché character.
Later the movement has lost its sense and only few of its representatives remain to be interesting.
When I was young I was listening different musical currents and it allowed choosing the most remarkable artists. That’s why I go back to old music and listen to: garage rock, kraut-serf, kraut electro thick sound, Canadian and American feedback, rock in opposition, classic music, Russian national, Soviet-electronic, variety-dance of 60-70s, American psychedelic punk of 70s, classical electronic of 80s and many other. But I was never thirsty for listening such music as synthy and EBM.
Such music always caused disgust or indifference for me, as well as any youth’s jingling. Despite of it I consider, that each artist, even the most worthless and disgusting, is worth the certain quantity of time for his music to be listened even if he writes his synthy not on analog synthesizers and lamp compressors as it is necessary to do, but on lousy laptop or a virtual synthesizer. So if I’m given any CD and I hear that it is synthy or something from EBM series, I really listening it only five seconds, then breaking the CD accurately not to wound my hand and trashing it. I do not try to litter my shelves with bad music recording, as bad music drags up bad, and good - good.
As to Mick Mercer, I pay the warmest feeling to him. The last interview I gave him was attended by cats discussing. I do love cats and seriously think to breed them.

6) The newest work of the band - "Red Beast" should be released at the Russian, Japanese and American labels, including remixes by such musicians, as: " HUMAN DECAY " (Ger), " NEIKHA RPM " (USA), " MIND: STATE " (Swе), "FLEISCHWALD" (Ger) .It makes me thing that similarly to the ancient octopus "Kthulhu" are going to subjugate all!
Whether it is impossible to know more in details about what shall we expect in this an album?! In addition I want to note, that the music video " Only Moon " is in my opinion an original Hit! the January 20 you had been playled live in support this video presentation. Please, describe the concept of the album and tell about creation of this video.

(Yuri Zvezdniy) - Yes, that’s it. We are aimed to distribute our musical production worldwide. Hope it will be so. The Red Beast album can be described as a research of Red Beast’s nature in sphere of commercial electro-music.
Anyway, it is the most commercial album which I could written and after I wasn’t jarred on too much of what I have done. I even can say that it made little bit spiritually sick, in view of that this album was preceded by «White Tranquility».
This album is 100 and even 200% dancing and driving which is made of different devices, effects, sounds and instruments. Very saturated arrangement with 150-200 paths in each song. Usually it is the plural lines of percussion parts. It is technically interesting to record speed progressive music such as «Dlo Kwala Manyan (dance Guede version)» with 162 strokes a minute and 200 paths in a song. The most important thing here is to achieve this entire conglomeration not to become a mess of sounds. This album has not only perfectly adjusted sound, but a psychological reaction of a common listener on the given material.
However, I shall say that its already difficultly for me to speak about this album, especially of what inspired me at that time as I’m now recording new material which is much more important for me than the dancing album "Red Beast". I mean the album «the Extending universe». Listeners usually live with delay for one year, therefore it’s sometimes surprising to me to read reviews on a released album. Critics or ordinary people find in it something I have already forgot about. This feeling should be familiar to many musicians.
The "Only Moon" video had been conceived as a certain retro reporting in the spirit of wave videos of 80х. At the same time we wanted to show both physical and sexual attraction and interaction with infernal aspect of the Moon as Noktulius. And the chosen form with a great number of close-ups, faces, eyes and occult sigillistics, taken from materials of my School – “Spiralnix”, as well as possible suited the decision our plans. Noktulius - Lilith - the Moon in this video was one of women from our environment.

7) Number 7 - a symbol of a human, so I shall ask you a question about the unusual and causing "live" show o the band. 1500 live shows - really great, can you tell us a comical case happened in your biography on stage?

(Yuri Zvezdniy) - Number 7, in my mind, is not the number a human. Number 7 comprises latent nature of things which I was telling about, answering the question number 2. The latent essence of things is represented in action of genius Lucifier, and number 7 is the number of Venus’s god Lucifier which has 7 aspects reflected on Earth accessible for human consciousness:
1 The reversed side of things.
2 Reflection and the Shadow.
3 Displays of hidden.
4 Oblivion and disintegration.
5 Grief, melancholy and properties of memory.
6 Original connections within the entire.
7 Inactivity and aspiration.
The number of a human is the number 5 and the number 2. Semitic and Greek senses of numerology coincide with this unequivocally. Now about a comical case. All concerts for me, especially early concerts now are very comical. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to recollect something about. I am sorry.

8) The industry of Accessories (chevrons and strings of the band) and also grandiose booklets and plural remixes of creativity of the Moscow dark band, suggest about the good contribution of label Shadowplay Records who have released such nice bands as: Two Witches (Gothic rock(Finland)), ATARAXIA (medieval (Italy)) and many other things. the label is well known with the work in sphere of a Gothic and electronic underground. How it is to you to cooperate with the Russian firm, despite of an existing canons, about signing the contract with more known European labels?!

(Yuri Zvezdniy) - The matter is that now we are in talks with «well known European labels». The most important thing for us is to understand what benefit can we have from signing the profitable contract with not enslaving conditions. I really do not know what will we stop on, and what will we finally get. As to Shadowplay label, so it essentially helps us sometimes. It is definitely the most perspective label in Russia dealing with gothic music.
Creation of album «The Extending universe» which will be recorded for Russia in Russian language and for foreign countries in English, - will be some kind of continuation of album «White Tranquility» as it will be admissible for wide strata, in particular for ordinary people, but not just for those who attaches a prefix Schwarz to himself. It will be childlike, very naive and at the same time very aggressive album with obscene language in texts, with frank, emotional submission in vocal which I did not like earlier and a plenty of psychedelic rock and kraut-electronic music. I shall devote the given album to my childhood and toys, to energy of 60-70th, to the Soviet motherland and to my cats. 4 first songs are already recorded.

9. The classic question: Have you managed to hear anything about Israeli bands and a dark movements at all?

(Yuri Zvezdniy) - Yes, I heard Israeli compilations devoted to dark wave. Unfortunately, haven’t remembered name of any collective submitted there. Nothing concrete as a whole I can say, unfortunately. Basically I heard Israeli bands playing Trans, they requested in our friend list on, but music in this genre is indifferent for me. If to delete a form, a direct rhythm and weak stakes, so there will nothing left to remain in this meaningless style. It has no internal component in it.

10. Yuri and Anastasia it was a real pleasure to talk to you, and I’m really thankful. What could you say to the dark Israeli scene?

(Yuri Zvezdniy) - «Avoid a company of those who do not follow a way of the ancients, and approach those to you who follows it». Stay with us, buy our albums. Rise with us in heavenly halls of inexhaustible paradise of omnipresent Spirit.
Good a luck.

Yuri Zvezdniy
The 9 th of April 2008.