Necro Stellar

"Pulsing Zero 1995-1997" Japanese Edition


1. Lucifer Suddenly Rising
2. Pulsing Zero
3. Novena
4. Satellite of Satan
5. Medio Circulo Cruas
6. On the River
7. The last Autumn of Helen Griss (Germany 1914-1946)
8. Chavajoht - Over the Boundary of the Red
9. Equation of Autumn Equinox
10. Reflection (Russia 1917-1988)
11. Over Grave Immortality

Bonus section:

12.Red Beast – Remixed by DESPAIR
13.Tachyon Spiral – Remixed by AURAL VAMPIRE
14.Only Moon – Remixed by DEMONOID 13

As previously announced, the first DWA's Japanese Edition of NECRO STELLAR's 'Pulsing Zero' album (DWA-806) come in a set comprising 6-panel digipak, 8-panel folding insert, 4-panel gatefold Japanese liner notes insert and obi. You can issue an order on DWA label
All-new bonus tracks for this release come in the shape of exclusive remixes from DWA artists DEMONOID 13 and DESPAIR: plus Avex signings AURAL VAMPIRE. Raveman's pounding take on 'Tachyon Spiral' is already becoming a club classic in Japan - check out his 'Tachyon Spiral - AURAL VAMPIRE remix' here!

 YURI ZVEZDNIY – vocals, music, lyrics , loops, guitar (3, 4, 6), human bone play (5, 8), scythe (6, 8), vinyl samples (3, 5-8, 10, 12), iron sheets (1, 6, 7, 10, 12), reflectors (1, 7, 10, 12), EFX collections, concept, synthesizers:
Polivox (1, 3-9, 11, 12),
Opus (1, 3, 5-7, 9, 10, 12),
Electronica EM-25 (3-5, 9, 12),
Electronica EM-26 Vocoder (1, 9),
Formanta EMS-01 (3, 7, 10),
Formanta UDS drum module (6, 9, 12),
Elsita drum module (4, 10, 12),
Marsh drum module (7),
Aelita (10, 12),
Altair 230 (6, 7, 12),
Ritm-2 (3, 7, 10, 12),
Manual (7, 9, 10),
Vermona solo (8),
DL-301A processor (3, 5, 7, 9, 12),
Esko 100 processor (6, 7),
Venetz processor (7),
Digitech studio vocalist harmony processor (1, 2, 4, 6, 9),
Roland XP-50 (1, 3-5, 10, 11),
Roland JV-2080 (1-3, 11),
Roland Juno-106 (1, 8),
Nord Modular (1, 2, 4, 6-9),
Korg Poly-800 (1, 6, 7, 12),
Korg Poly-61 (8, 10),
Casio VZ-8M (6, 7, 9, 12),
Alesis D-4 (10, 11),
Emu E-6400 (8, 9).

 ANASTASIA PODNEBESNAYA – vocals, back vocals and growling vocals in tracks (1,4,5), human bone play (4), lyrics edition.
 KLIMENTYI KURDIUMOV (Bless) – digital drum loops (1, 3) back vocals (5, 9).
 EVGENY VORONOVSKY (Cisfinitum) – violin (3, 4).

This songs and compositions were written in 1995 (2), 2000 (1, 3-5, 9-11), 2005 (6-8, 12) by Yura Zvezdniy. Mastering by Yura Zvezdniy. Tracks 1-5, 9-11 were recorded in 2000 and then remastered in 2005. Track 3 contains lyrics by Astrid Tollefsen. Graphics by Yuriy Zvezdniy & Anastasia Podnebesnaya. Photo by: Unknown Soviet Artist, Anastasia Podnebesnaya.




Сила смысла, обратившись к бездне
Исчезает, дрогнувши крылом.
Растворяясь, тает в поднебесье
Словно память, поглощенная сном.

    Lucifer Suddenly Rising
    In sabito

Видимость невидимой причины
Лишь на миг возможность уловить.
Оставаясь вновь необъяснимой,
Жизнь – есть сон, так что же значит жить?


To look in depth and find reflected silhouettes
Gathering currently to the time and place of dream
Tension of day life – sounds, sights, smiles and gestures
Are staying a fate of bottom of the shining mirror

Left silent house, only rare drops beat rotten roof
Clear, soggy air like resin, time has fade away
Semantic limit is gone, burned out like rickety book
With dry flower on the window of the leaving days

Minutes and hours are ready to the burial
Last sparkling instant is trampled into autumn filth
Blinding light and the black silent abyss hole
Just voices and the ocean of eternal bliss.


Ярок свет безоблачного дня
Что-то в жизни обошло меня
Улететь, мечтая в небеса
Плещутся гардины паруса

Солнце бьет сквозь зелени кайму
Никогда себя я не пойму
Свет и тень смешались на песке
Слышен плачь ребенка в вдалеке

Кончен путь, калитка на замке
Ветер нежно гладит по руке
Тихо листья шепчутся в саду
Никогда я счастья….


You are coming up to me
As a real, not as a dream
Out of velvet deep black haze
Calling me in your embrace
 Satellite of Satan

 The red brilliance in your eyes
Penetrate groin sweet and nice
In the growing darkness shroud
Beating of the pulsing blood

 As the magnet signals sweet
 Me the woman curcurbit
 As the magnet signals sweet
 Me the women curcurbits

Taker enjoy I take once more
Dive with you in the red space hole
The eternal creations
Of the Genius of the Earth


Secret ways coming out of depth,
So invisible as the forest air,
Winding the supple ruts of trees.
Let river bear me far away

I’m floating. Let horizon tremble,
Let the weightless white clouds slowly flit
And high up in the endless heaven,
Let shine the star named ENAIL

Night will have fallen. River will run,
Merging with my soul, will take me away.
Whom was I before – I’ve forgotten.
I’ll fall asleep, no more to stay

Ocean swallows the course of river
And when I start silently disappearing,
I’ll be watching how in secret deep
Will be reflected star ENAIL


Life spent totally in joy
Don’t rouse the sense of annoy
But the signal left light radiates peace

     We’ll come, we’ll leave as sea-foam
     I’ll won’t come back to this home
     Mounting by steps of come out secret

Поле и огонь вдали
Крест погоста
Чернота земли
Что дает ответ на все вопросы

     Проходящих к пропасти ведет
     Годы счастья и отчаяния лед
     Золотые кольца эктоплазмы


Бег времени, сквозь цель, увиденную после,
Погаснувшим умом не в силах объяснить.
Но тлеющей свечей, на брошенном погосте,
Ты молвишь, уходя: «О как прекрасна жизнь!»

Смерть времени и цепь застывшего пространства,
Перелистают вновь сгоревшую тетрадь.
А ветер светлых грёз, восторженно и ясно
Последний раз шепнёт: «Мне жалко улетать…»