"The Tunes of the Last Essence"

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1. Savitur
2. Sun, laughter, wind and sand
3. One more shot into the milk
4. LSD nights (full version)
5. The scream and walls diffusion. Part 1. Urban rock and ketamine.
6. Surya-Ishitva. My youth.
7. Sybarit. A feedback structuralism poem.
8. F*** off the capital era (street version)
9. The scream and walls diffusion. Part 2. Singular Circular
10. To stay and burn.
11. A multicolor chalk
Bonus track:
12. LSD (short version)

Necro Stellar are the band to call the merited veterans of electro avant-garde movement of Russia. The organizers of many festivals and exhibitions of musical equipment ART-AURA, led by the band members and supported by Russian Ministry of culture present their new product released as a digipack by Shadowplay label and as a tape in Saint-Petersburg. The new albums name The tunes of the Last Essense, following the example of Tibetan Book of the Dead Bardo Thodol quote, illustrates the absence of any sound field importance, being the primary tone of the Absolute and being absorbed by the multi-sounding hum of the universe in the syllable AUM. The given album, as well as all other, seems to be the material of a various genres and experiments with composition. This makes the album a purely esthetic dainty. Here electro sound skips to Rock and speed, almost punk crossover. Stately ballads in the picture of psychedelic rock with academic and barocco arrangement merge with Electroacoustic, noise and industrial. Merry cabaret melodies adjoine parody of music by Soviet composers, etc. In a number of songs, harmony is built by multilayered gnashing microtonal feedback loops, spontaneously generated by sound processing effects, deepen by a bit crusher and ringmodulation. This makes the music a real cybernetic action, where the human role is reduced from the position of the creator to the level of an operator of automatic systems. Here you will not find teenager loverock from a supermarket, played by thin-legged hipsters in jeans tights, and a cheap VST computer programming, which pop and ordinary bands use. Like all the previous work, the new album was recorded almost solely by Yuri Zvezdniy on the authentic vintage equipment, without any computer sounds. Except the plurality of analog synthesizers and organs, vocoders and harmonizer, spring reverbs and tape delays, we hear in this album a lot of the metal percussion, forged in Zvezdniys smithy, which sometimes replaces the rhythm section.The handmade cymbals and 25 inch gongs forged of a bronze sheet, purchased at Meinl factory, are side by side with multi-zone metal cymbals welded with horns and a spring inside. The album is recommended to be listened to the all esthetes of the world of sound and the intellectually oriented people.


Yuri Zvezdniy music, lyrics, arrangement, vocals and back vocals, acoustic and electro guitar, bass guitar, programming, synths, organs, harmonizers and vocoders, loops, drums, wooden percussion, hand-hammered metal percussion spirals and gongs, hand-made cymbals, welded percussion with springs inside, Pete Engelharte products, industrial objects: springs, iron sheets, : , , canisters, tanks; EFX: environmental recordings, radio call signs, the voice speaking machines (Fonemafon 2), music magazine "The outlook" fragments, sound collections, production libraries, etc.
Anastasia Podnebesna vocals and back vocals.
Constantin Fedotov Hi-Hat playing in track 6.
Dmitry Konakov throat singing fragments in tracks 1, 4.
Roman and Aleksandra Karpenko back vocals in track 8.

The list of instruments used in the album:
Roland RE-301, Dynacord super Echo-76, Sony SEH-310, Vermona Regent 600h (mod), Fostex 3180 (mod), Tesla disco 240H, Echo 2, Korg DVP-1 Vocoder, MAM VF-11 Vocoder, Electronica EM-26 Vocoder, Roland VP-7, Roland VP-70, Digitech Studio Vocalist Harmony, TC-Helicon Voice pro, TC-Helicon VoiceWorks, MAM ADX-1, Jomox M-Base 11, Jomox T-Resonator, Viscount D9E Hammond emulator, Korg poly-800 (mod), Korg MS-20 mini, Korg Poly-61, Oberheim matrix-1000, Sherman Filterbank-2, Nord Modular, EMU E6400, Casio VZ-8 M FDS module, Alesis D-4, Roland 2080, Roland XP-50, VG-Line 9Q9, Tesla DDL-1000, DL-301-A, EHR POG, Death by Audio Fuzz gun, DLS Roto-Sim, Sans Amp GT-2, Maestro FS-1A, 1B,1S (mod), Univox super Fuzz-70 (mod), Boss OC-2, Boss PS-5, Boss X-tortion, Boss Metal Zone, Celler Flanger Wide Road, Inorganic Overdrive, Brutalizer, Venta PE-11 (mod), Venta Overdrive (mod), Yerasov CW-2 (mod), Tube Emulator GT-2, Roland SP-555, U-Sound Fish fuzz, Hidra analog GT PLL Synth, Digitech Synth Wah, AMT BC-1, Moog Fooger MF-102, MXR Bass DI, Copilot Planetoid Ring Mod, Way Huge Ring Worm, Ibanez PM-7, Lel DD (mod), Lel EP (mod), Lel CZ (mod), Estradin effect-2 fazer (mod), Lel 0041, Polivoks (midi+mod), Alisa 1377 (midi+mod), Ynost 1132 (midi+mod), Rythm-1 (midi+mod), Rythm-2 (midi+mod), Estradin-230 (midi+mod), Aelita (midi+mod), Formants EMS-01, Formants UDS (midi+mod), Opus (mid+modi), Elsita (midi+mod), Electronika EM-25 (midi+mod), LM-1229 (mod), Venets AP-01(mod), PX-1000, Esco-100 (mod), Lider-1 (mod), Lider-2 (mod), Ltava (mod), Spectr-1 (mod), Spectr-3 (mod), Spectr-4 (mod), Hartke Bass Attack, Behringer tube Ultra Q (mod), Behringer ultra shifter US 600, Soundcraft MK-1 (tube mod), RSP Saturator, Manley Massive Passive (), Presonus ADL-600, Presonus Studio Channel, Neve 21 , Yamaha Q2031B, Neve 5042 (), Kitti-hawk 1966 GT amp, Chal preamp, Soldano 1975.

The material of the album has been recorded and mastered in 2013-2016 by Yuri Zvezdniy.

The songs were written in:
1 2014.06.23, 2 2012.10.01, 3 2012.06.04, 4 2013.07.20, 5 2014.04.05, 6 2015.09.22, 7 2014.11.28, 8 2011.01.09, 9 2013.01.09, 10 2013.06.02, 11 2012.07.06.

Thanks to: Vyacheslav Grigoriev, Alexey Taber, Polina Safronova, Alexey Pavlov, Roman and Aleksandra Karpenko, Lubov Sharueva, Anastasia Pronina, Evgeniy Krukov, Nikovay Petrovskiy, LMartin, Kirill Roev, Darina Svetova, Loki-Loki, Oleg Khrabrykh, the pupils of Spiralnix school.